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How to Join this Site

 You MUST be an Approved member for total access to All the Pages. To be an Approved Member of Ohio Minutemen Militia is to Meet with a Recruiter Face to Face and Fill out an Application to be approved for membership. The Q/A Recruiting Room is used to contact a recruiter in your Area and to ask question and get more information. The Main Pages for Public View is to provide the general Public Information. Q/A Recruiting Room

For Face Book recruiting Page go to:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/OHMMRECRUITING/. Also let us know you have created a profile and Still waiting for approval. we have scheduled Meet and Greets throughout the State within your Area.

 *****Becoming a Member of Ohio Minutemen Militia.***************
These procedures are set forth to provide an efficient process for getting from inquiry to recruit as quickly as possible. The following protocols are established in every Brigade throughout OHMM for security of each and every inquiry. We train to educate and prepare the communities to work together in all kinds of emergencies that face us all.
STEPS: To Become a Member of OHMM
1. Give the Recruiters the County location in which you reside. This can be done on the recruitment page on Face Book, or by email.
2. The recruiter will send you an pdf application. Fill out the application no need to sign it yet. Email the PDF with requested info. back to your recruiter.
3. While waiting for the Meet and Greet you can ask questions at the Team Speak meetings. The recruiter will provide the Team Speak setup information and Meeting Times.
4. The Application will be reviewed by the Unit CO before meet and greet.
5. You will be given the Meet and Greet Date Time and Location for the Interview.
6. After the interview by the unit command. You will then be notified by the unit Commander of approval or disapproval.
7. All forms are to be signed at the interview in front of the CO after acceptance. Once your service record is finished the signed part will go in the file and the rest of the app returned to the applicant
******Welcome Aboard! Its that easy to Join. It does Take Time due to we do want to make sure the safety of the members and their families are secure against radical influences but only Honorable, Trustworthy and Dedicated people willing to work together for the benefit of the communities and families are in these positions of responsibility of the security of a Free State.

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 Thank you for Inquiring and we look forward to talking with you soon.

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